6 Month Membership Agreement

1418 Fox Hollow Road, Afton VA 22920   434.260.9171   paul@artisanegg.com

Member Information
Name:        ____________________________________
Address:      ____________________________________
Cell Phone: ____________________________________                  Text OK for delivery reminders? ______
Email:         ____________________________                                   Refrigerated?  _____ YES    _____ NO


This is an agreement between Paul Hudspeth of Art is an Egg and the above member for the purchase and delivery of ______ palettes of a dozen fresh eggs two times a month between the dates of ____________ and ______________.  This membership includes a flat price of $9/12 for egg palettes, $12/15 for gift boxes, and free home delivery. Additional palettes may be added to your delivery by ordering them from our website or by texting 434.260.9171.

The eggs will be unwashed and delivered to the above location. In the event that no one is available to receive delivery, the eggs will be left in an agreed location with a note or text notifying the member the eggs were delivered. Deliveries will be made on the first and third Thursday of every month. Months containing five Thursdays will not have a delivery that week. This is a total of 12 deliveries during the six month period. 

A member may skip one delivery during the six month period, in which case, payment will still be deducted for that month and the eggs may be added to a future delivery or extended at the end of the agreement period. In the event that Art is an Egg is unable to deliver eggs as promised (e.g. due to predation or unpredictable changes in egg production), the member will be refunded for any undelivered eggs. If any eggs are not to your satisfaction, please let us know and they will be replaced on your next delivery.

A monthly payment of $____ will be deducted in the first week of every month during the agreement. Additional palettes will be charged to the card on file at the time they are ordered.

Credit/Debit Card # ___________________________________

Expiration Date:  ________________        CVV#  _________

I agree to all of the terms above and authorize monthly billing of my credit or debit card.

Member Signature:    _____________________________        Date:    ________________


Payment Dates  (These dates are listed for example.)

(When your card will be charged monthly fee. Extras are charged when ordered.)

1) 9/1/16
2) 10/1/16
3) 11/1/16
4) 12/1/16
5) 1/1/17
6) 2/1/17


Delivery Dates
(Note: the 5th Thursday of a month is skipped)

1) 9/1/16
2) 9/15/16
3) 10/6/16
4) 10/20/16
5) 11/3/16
6) 11/17/16
7) 12/1/16
8) 12/15/16
9) 1/5/17
10) 1/19/17
11) 2/2/17
12) 2/16/17