Grade AA - Farm Fresh

These beautiful eggs are raw, farm-fresh chicken eggs laid by rare breeds from the US, France, England, Chile, Peru and the Netherlands. The colors are completely genuine, created by natural shell colors and a sealant known as the “bloom” of the egg. Each individual hue is unique to the chicken that laid it.

The eggs are unwashed in order to preserve the bloom for the ultimate fresh egg experience. Chefs around the world prefer unwashed eggs. Only very small farms may legally sell unwashed eggs. Art is an Egg produces only fifty dozen eggs a week, and every single egg is hand-selected and tested for cracks.

These eggs are of a higher quality than any store eggs you will find. The average age of a store egg is 4-8 weeks; the eggs from Art is an Egg are less than a week old and delivered from the farm to your door. They taste amazing, and they make amazing gifts. You can read a lot more about the eggs on the FAQ page. 

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