The Birds are Top Priority

The top priority at Art is an Egg is the Quality of Life of the birds. They have access not only to acres of pasture, but also to big shaded areas to hide from the sun, dusting pits to play in, and a stable home where they roost and lay eggs in the same place every day. There is one rooster for every 20 hens to provide protection and tranquility for the flock.

These animals are not a means to a profitable end. Most farms--even the best pastured egg farms-- only keep hens (no roosters), in a crowded, moving field - and then after 10-18 months, when their egg production rate begins to decline, the hens are “retired”, “recycled”, or “dressed". Art is an Egg follows a different model. These birds are loved. Many of them have names. They live a full and happy life of 5-8 years, and continue to lay eggs throughout their entire lives—even when they no longer produce as well. 

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