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AMAZING!!! Paul took the time to show us around, tell us his story, and even introduced us to the chickens (including Rob Zombie). I have to tell you, the eggs are unbelievable. Best eggs I have EVER tasted.
— C.U.
We live in NC and were fortunate enough to receive a dozen of Mr. Hudspeth’s eggs as a gift. Not only did the eggs look good, like a piece of artwork, the eggs were absolutely delicious! I would recommend the eggs from “Art is an Egg” to anyone desiring a natural, tasty, hearty, healthy, beautiful inside and out, happy chicken egg. These eggs make beautiful gifts too.
— J.B.
These eggs are the most beautiful, best tasting eggs I’ve EVER had. I’m RUINED. And if you’re really into animal welfare and have done your egg-farm research, this is the egg company for you.
— S.M.
We as a family visited Art is an Egg farm last week and fell in love with the chickens and eggs there. Paul has a pure passion to raise the happiest chickens and to have them lay the most beautiful eggs that taste amazing. My boys learned so much about what it takes to nurture chickens so that they are not only healthy but happy. Not all farms are the same and not all free range is the same. We can not speak highly enough about the farm. It is an ART for sure.
— K.J.
There’s no dye, no Photoshop trickery here. People are always surprised when I tell them the gorgeous eggs they see in my home are completely natural and not dyed. The best part is that they are so fresh you can tell the difference as soon as you crack one. I have seen how much love and effort is involved in caring for each chicken at this farm. This is a win-win - I can feel good about supporting a local business and serving eggs that are far superior than those at the grocery store.
— S.S.

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