Birth of an Obsession

In August 2013, I came across this picture on

It was a chicken egg that came from cross breeding a chicken that laid blue eggs with a chicken that laid dark brown eggs. Blue and brown made olive green. Who knew?

I thought it was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. The next day I went online and ordered a new flock of birds that would arrive April of 2014. Half of them “Easter Eggers”, chickens which lay blue green eggs, and the rest Cuckoo Marans, a very dark brown egg laying breed. I wanted to breed some of these “Olive Eggers” myself. I’d had a flock of 20-40 chickens for most of the past 14 years and this seemed like a fun science project!

As I waited for Spring to come and the arrival of new chicks, I continued to read more about other varieties from all over the world that lay colored eggs. I learned about some of the genetics involved, and found colors I never knew existed. I found galleries online of colored chicken eggs and became enamored with the beauty of some of the arrangements.

My 40 chicks arrived in April, but by May I already had bigger plans to develop, not just green eggs, but to explore as many different colors of natural chicken eggs I could discover or breed.

I purchased more chicks of several new breeds and began building a small farm with a maximum capacity of about 200 chickens over the summer of 2014. I designed the entire facility but had the help of many friends, neighbors, and family building the 12′ X 36′ coop, a 4000 square foot pen open to acres of pasture, and four breeding pens.

At present I have about 180 hens and nine roosters, and about 50 young ones I hatched this past January. I currently have 13 breeds of birds.

I want to keep this small and of the highest Quality.
I think people are gonna like this.
I hope so.

paul Hudspeth